Energy Efficiency workshop: How to curb the ever-increasing demand for power in your data centre

The Asia-Pacific region has now overtaken North -America in terms of power consumption in data centres. It is expected that energy consumption will grow significantly higher in the coming years. In this presentation, the speaker will share the different solutions to reduce the growing power consumption in the data centre. Amongst other things, examples for efficient data centre cooling and power distribution will be explained. Applying these measures will certainly lead to reduced power consumption, resulting in a reduction in costs and a smaller impact on the environment.



10:00 - 11:55
Data Centre Open Stage



Otto de Roo
Sr Consultant & Trainer

EPI – Enterprise Products Integration Pte Ltd

Otto de Roo is a Dutch national who has over25 years of experience in ICT of which more than 10 years are in the data centre business. Before joining EPI he was managing 13 mission critical data centres in Europe for a large data centre operator. He dealt successfully with all data centre aspects such as daily operations, Green initiatives and many other matters.

Otto has been involved in many new-build data centres, deploying new technologies such as Kyoto cooling, Hypoxic based fire prevention and various other technologies. He had also initiated various data centre renovation and data centre migration projects. One of his main goals in running the operations was a tight Security policy and he succeeded in getting all his data centres to comply with ISO 27001, the PCI DSS standard and a number of the data centres also complied with SAS 70.

Otto is well travelled and has a passion for learning about different cultures and exploring them to the fullest. He adapts very easily to any situation with a great level of flexibility. Otto has a patient personality. He has educated many people on data centre related topics. Otto participates in a variety of forums where many people has gained knowledge from his broad experience.





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