EPI Data Centre Certification Open Day

EPI Certification Open Day

In this 3-hour event, EPI will present information on the trends in the data centre which impact anyone working in the industry and surrounding eco-systems including data centre customers and suppliers.  EPI will share information on free tools, resources and templates which managers and individuals can leverage to understand the competences required and how to acquire them, including detailed job descriptions and shortcuts to create career/training plans.  Learn about:

  1. EPI Data Centre Training Framework.
  2. Using the EPI Data Centre Competence Framework to plan for human resources, creating well-defined job roles/descriptions to avoid unclear responsibilities. 
  3. A quick guide for data centre career development using the Data Centre Training Roadmap.
  4. Using EPI Data Centre Career Planning Tool to generate your own career plan, or for your team.

You will also get a SNEAK PEEK into the CDCP and CDFOM courses!


Otto de Roo, 
Senior Data Centre Consultant & Trainer, EPI
EPI DCTalk Speaker - Otto de Roo

Otto has over 25 years of experience in the ICT and mission critical data centre industry. He had the experience managing 13 mission critical data centres in Europe on all aspects such as daily operations, Green initiatives and strategic level projects.

Otto has been involved in many new-build data centres, deploying new technologies which included Kyoto cooling and Hypoxic-based fire prevention. He had also initiated various data centre renovation and migration projects.  One of his main goals when running his data centre operations was a tight security policy. All his data centres complied with ISO 27001 and the PCI DSS standard, and a number of his data centres also complied with SAS 70.  He had introduced an environmental approach to realise a reduction of 20%-30% in power consumption.  Otto had set up and trained data centre staff to form a lean but well-oiled team to ensure a maximum operational efficiency with a Rated-4 level availability.

He was awarded a “1000 days without down time” certificate by one of the largest oil companies in the world. He is a well sought after speaker in the industry.



Otto de Roo, 
Senior Data Centre Consultant & Trainer, EPI




Iverson welcome address


Global Data Centre Trends and How To Build The Skills To Stay Ahead


Refreshment & networking


CDCP sneak peek


CDFOM sneak peek



Closing speech from EPI Group Chairman & CEO (online)

Closing by Iverson


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